United for Charity

united for charity

Recently Senior Planning Advisors hosted a remarkable philanthropy-focused client night, creating a platform for charitable initiatives and fostering a spirit of giving back. The event aimed to shed light on three exceptional charitable programs, providing a stage for their founders to share their visions, stories, and impact.

The evening featured a panel discussion moderated by Julia Healey, CEO of United Charitable. Each founder had the opportunity to present their mission, achievements, and the impact of their programs. The discussions delved into the heart of their initiatives, illustrating the real-world changes they have brought about and the ongoing challenges they face. The highlighted initiatives were:

- Belton Drive Foundation: Alexis Belton discussed the Belton Drive Foundation, a program of Athletes Charitable, a division of United Charitable. The Belton Drive Foundation focuses on utilizing the game of golf to educate and share opportunities that can create a lasting impact on lives in her local community and across the globe.

- Hubert Payne Foundation: Hubert Payne shared insights into the Hubert Payne Foundation, a program of Athletes Charitable, a division of United Charitable. The Hubert Payne Foundation is committed to empowering individuals and communities through inclusive access to holistic wellness programs, mentoring, and coaching.

- Jalen Rose Leadership Academy: Jalen Rose showcased the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, an open enrollment, tuition-free public charter high school on the northwest side of Detroit.

Julia Healey guided the panel discussion, encouraging thought-provoking conversations and insights. The audience gained a deeper understanding of the charitable programs, fostering a sense of connection and shared purpose. Throughout the course of the evening, over $80,000 was raised for the highlighted initiatives, showcasing the power of collective generosity. Additionally, the event generated significant awareness for the Belton Drive Foundation, the Hubert Payne Foundation, and the Jalen Rose Leadership Academy, amplifying their reach and potential impact.

"We are proud to have helped create a space where donors can connect with and support these incredible charitable programs," said Hannibal Navies, VP of Development for United Charitable. "The success of this event reflects our commitment to giving back."

About United Charitable: United Charitable is a 501(c)(3) organization that administers donor-advised funds and strives to inspire and elevate generosity locally and abroad for generations to come. Athletes Charitable is a division of United Charitable that focuses on making a positive impact on the world by empowering athletes through social entrepreneurship, one initiative at a time.